Holiday break…..

It offical….we are closed for the holidays.
Thank you all for being so fantantic, and loving our food, drinks, and staff. We look forward to seeing you all in 2013 !!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!

Our reopening date is January 3rd….Thursday….see you then.

Its our 1year birthday !!!!

Happy birthday to us !!!!  Come and celebrate with us with food and drink specials.

Dec. 14 (Friday) specials are:

Taqueria tacos $1.00, 3 Taqueria taco plate $5.00 (tripas add .25 per taco)

House margaritas $3.00 pitchers $12.00/ flavored $4.00 pitchers 16.00

Draft beers $3.00, bottled and canned beers $2.00.

Hope to see you there.


Happy 4th of July !!!!

We will be closed for the holiday on Wednesday…and on Tuesday for our regular day of rest.. Have a great 4th, and will see you on the 5th.

Were back……..

Wow !!!!!  What a great long weekend !!!!

Thank you!!!!!! …and sorry for not feeding you….for  3 days.

Lucy had an awesome birthday / holiday in Kona….(we did too).

Gracias, gracias, gracias !!!!

Hope to see you soon.

Memorial day weekend

Heads up…..

This weekend, Memorial day weekend, we will be closed for 3…yes 3 days…. Sunday, Monday, and our normal day off Tuesday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We hope that you have a fantastic weekend.

And as always…we thank all of your for being our customers…and our friends.

Cinco de Mayo…the plan

So….Cinco de Mayo….the plan.
We will be serving dinner as usual until 9:00. At 9:15-ish we will ask everyone to exit the building so that we can take out the tables and make room for dancing…this will allow people who want to come and eat dinner, a place to sit.
I apologize to those who wanted to come early and reserve space…I hope you will still interested in coming to dance with us.

Cinco De Mayo

Just days away….Lucky for us this year Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday.  We will be having a live band, the Jarican Express. They will be playing from 9:30p to 1:30a. We will be having drink specials as well as cheap beer and taqueria tacos all night long….and lots of dancing !!!!!
We hope you can come and celebrate with us.

Ahhh…..Merrie Monarch !!!!!

Lucy and her family want to say thank you to ALL the people involed with, and performing in the Merrie Monarch festival.
We were fortunate to take Easter day off and enjoy some of the fantastic performances at the civic… I said, we were fortunate!!!
Lots of Aloha to all of you.

Hilo Skateplaza Coalition fundraiser with guest bartender Issa.

This Wednesday 3/7  we will be donating $1.00 of every drink that you purchase from the bar, to the Hilo Skateplaza Coalition….for those of you who arent familiar with the organization, please look at their facebook page and click info…  They are trying earn money to build a “community” skate park…not just a skateboard park, but a roller rink that everyone can skate at….for free !!!!!

We will be having the coolest guest bartender…Issa, the owner of the Hilo Town Tavern !!!!!

Please come in this wednesday and help the coalition….we all skated as kids, wouldn’t it great to have a place to skate again…….