We are closing. Thank you and we love you.

We’re sad to say it, but the time has finally come. We will be closing Friday 4/30/21

We have had the best, THE BEST! time being here at Lucy’s with you.

We are so sad that we have missed one of the biggest and best elements of Lucy’s this last year, which is seeing your beautiful happy faces and getting to share our home with you!

We tried to find someone to take over where we are leaving off, but rental circumstances arose and discouraged potential buyers, we tried our best but it just wasn’t an option at the end.

But please keep following us on social media, we aren’t quite done yet!

This next and final week is going to be very tough for us. So please bear with us, we are still short handed since the initial covid shut down and we only have one phone line with call waiting. Please accept our apology in advance for the wait times and the darn phone.

We also might be running out of some items throughout the week, we will be only ordering food that we think can be used for the week.

We are so sad to be leaving, but we will never forget the memories we have made with each and everyone of you! Again, thank you for everything

Lucy’s closing…or not?

Yes, it’s true….we will be closing sometime in May, UNLESS…someone decides to buy Lucy’s with all the recipes and some cooks, lol.

Hopefully someone will, and maybe if they want, I can work for them too, but just part time…hahaha.

It has been an amazing journey. All of you have been such a big part of our lives and we love you !!!!

You are also responsible for who Lucy is today and she turned out great !!!

Many people are asking why?  Lucy is headed back to college and we are getting older and are ready to retire.  We want retirement to be full of travel and activities, and want to do these things while we still have our health.

Thank you so much for being such awesome customers and friends. We will remain on the island, so hopefully our paths will cross many times.

 We love you and appreciate you !!!!

No worries, we will be here for a couple more months. It’s been really busy and we still have a smaller staff since the shutdown last year, so please continue to be patient with our wait times and our one phone line.

Thank you again

Open for take out only 10a-7p

We are open for take-out only…for now. We are serving the whole menu and the law is allowing us to sell Margaritas and beer to go (and other cocktails too). We have a window at the door, please call us and order ahead…. or just come to the window and order, but please wear your mask..thank you.

Closed for the Holidays

We will be closed from Dec 22-Jan 3rd
Re-opening on Saturday January 4th 2020…wow !!!
Happy Holidays to all of you, and thank you for being the best customers and friends ever !!!

Summer Break Aug 25-Sept 3 2019

Its that time again….Summer Break !!!! Its a LATE Summer Break this year.
We will be closed from Aug 25-Sept 3…re-opening Sept 4th.
Thank you for your beautiful faces, your beautiful hearts, and we will see you in September.

Winter Break 2018

Its that time of year….our winter break. We will be closed for the holidays and back to work on Friday January 4th 2019.

Thank you for another wonderful year….we love you !!!!!

2018 -6/5 thru 6/19…summer break !!!!

Yep….its our summer vacation.

June 5th – June19th….reopening Wednesday June 20th.

Thank you again for being the best customers.  We love our jobs, and its mainly because of you….you make us happy with your excitement to be at Lucy’s and your appreciation of us, and our food, and our margaritas …of course !!!

Thank you for the time off…. we love you and hope to see soon after the break.