Lucy’s closing…or not?

Yes, it’s true….we will be closing sometime in May, UNLESS…someone decides to buy Lucy’s with all the recipes and some cooks, lol.

Hopefully someone will, and maybe if they want, I can work for them too, but just part time…hahaha.

It has been an amazing journey. All of you have been such a big part of our lives and we love you !!!!

You are also responsible for who Lucy is today and she turned out great !!!

Many people are asking why?  Lucy is headed back to college and we are getting older and are ready to retire.  We want retirement to be full of travel and activities, and want to do these things while we still have our health.

Thank you so much for being such awesome customers and friends. We will remain on the island, so hopefully our paths will cross many times.

 We love you and appreciate you !!!!

No worries, we will be here for a couple more months. It’s been really busy and we still have a smaller staff since the shutdown last year, so please continue to be patient with our wait times and our one phone line.

Thank you again