We are closing. Thank you and we love you.

We’re sad to say it, but the time has finally come. We will be closing Friday 4/30/21

We have had the best, THE BEST! time being here at Lucy’s with you.

We are so sad that we have missed one of the biggest and best elements of Lucy’s this last year, which is seeing your beautiful happy faces and getting to share our home with you!

We tried to find someone to take over where we are leaving off, but rental circumstances arose and discouraged potential buyers, we tried our best but it just wasn’t an option at the end.

But please keep following us on social media, we aren’t quite done yet!

This next and final week is going to be very tough for us. So please bear with us, we are still short handed since the initial covid shut down and we only have one phone line with call waiting. Please accept our apology in advance for the wait times and the darn phone.

We also might be running out of some items throughout the week, we will be only ordering food that we think can be used for the week.

We are so sad to be leaving, but we will never forget the memories we have made with each and everyone of you! Again, thank you for everything