8 weeks !!!!

Lucy’s Taqueria

Wow 8 weeks !!!!!! Thank you so so so much !!!!!

Can you believe it?! 8 weeks already. Thank you all for coming and having such a great time.

Your great time is our great time…you make us happy with your happiness…..Gracias with a capital “G” !!!!!!

I now the seating rotation is pretty crazy, but thanks for cooperating !!!! funny how it all works out….you all are so awesome, for being so understanding.

Alright….so I hope you continue to come in and enjoy the food and everything else.

Thank you !!!!!

One thought on “8 weeks !!!!

  1. We miss you so much in Seattle! Somehow we will eventually find a way to visit you in Hilo! Can’t wait, the boys have grown so much….and while Gordito’s still is a favorite we miss your greetings and awesome attitude.

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